1. Our children are here to be tought by our example. They teach us
love by their example as we teach them. Inadvertently their presence
teaches us to be parents.
2. We rejoice in their little accomplishments when they are so small,
yet forget to rejoice in their little successes when they get older-This
is how we teach them our boredom and negativity and we sin against them.
3. Teach them your beliefs by living your belief. Children hear your
actions and are deaf to your words.
4. Children are the worlds greatest natural resource.
5. Small children ask the most difficult questions, how and why. One
must think clearly before responding to these questions.
6. We eventually let go of our children, when we believe they are
ready. Actually, when we are ready, we are able to see that they let go
when they are ready. We let go when we are ready.
7. The smile on the face of a child is immeasurable wealth.
8. The love a child expresses is often so pure it can disarm the most
ferocious adult.
9. Little problems to little people are as earth shattering as big
problems to big people.
10. Children and the elderly need tactile reinforcement. If I give you a
hug today will you promise to give it away?




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