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(Family Addiction Screening Tool)

The Family Addiction Screening Tool (FAST) is a 36-item questionnaire designed to help people determine if a family member or loved one may have an alcohol- or other drug-related problem. Often it is a family member who is the first to suspect that someone has a substance-related problem, and early recognition can be the first step toward treatment and recovery.

The FAST was developed through extensive reviews of the literature on substance abuse. Items were then selected based on their "content validity," that is, each item was judged by experts in the field to assess concerns that were typical of families with a member who has an alcohol- or drug-related problem. The FAST is then scored and interpreted by evaluating the number and seriousness of the concerns endorsed by the individual completing the questionnaire.

While the FAST does not have the same power or accuracy as a questionnaire completed by the patient himself or herself (e.g., the SASSI), it can be useful in helping family members determine if they should seek assistance for themselves or a loved one.


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