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Substance Abuse
Presentation Questionaire

How do you know if you have a character flaw and need to read
Never Seldom Often Always Put a Check in the appropriate box....
        Do you need to be right?
        Do you find yourself flying off the handle at others?
        Do you find that when things go wrong it is the fault of others?
        Do you worry unnecessarily?
        Do your fears ruin your day?
        Are there people in your life who you find intolerable?
        Are you victimized by others?
        Are you so vain that you think this quiz is about you?
        Do you suffer from inadequacy?
        Are you pessimistic about the future?
        Do you use dishonesty when it gets you what you want?
        Are you more accurate than most people?
        Are your opinions of the world more on target than those of people around you?
        Do you justify using anger to control the situation?
        Are resentments important to keep track of?
        Do you answer these types of tests with PC responses to feel better?
        Do you lie when doing self assessment?
        Do you think you are more together than the average human being?
        Are you criticisms more accurate than the average positive thinker?
        Does life make you a martyr?
        Would you rather be right than happy?
        Do you belong to a support group but secretly have your act together?
        Are you better than most people who would bother to take this test?
        Do you put up with people and their nonsense?
        Do spend time worrying about the things you can't control?
        Do you find fault with others attitudes about life, work, etc.?
        Can you find a good excuse for not doing what you promise?
        Do you feel that you are trapped by life, relationships or situations?
        Is your word less binding than a legal contract?
        Are you prone to exaggeration if it makes you look good?
        Do you compare yourself to others secretly thinking you're better?
        De you compare yourself knowing that you are not as good?
        Do you justify shirking responsibility for a good time?
        Can you make up stories that make you look good even when you fail?
        Can you point out to other's what's wrong with their brilliant ideas?
        Do you lie just to see if you can get someone to believe you?
        Do you think it is a blessing to others to let them meet you?
        Are you intolerant of strangers?
        Do you criticize people who don't think like you?
        Do you assume people have bad intentions if they don't do what you want?


  • 1 for seldom
  • 2 for never
  • 3 for often, and
  • 4 for always.
    Any score different than the author's or his editor's means you need to
    read the book!

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