Infinite Intelligence
1. Why must so many people live the illusion of separation. The thought
of unity makes greed, envy and selfishness seem so useless. They seem
useless when viewed in another. Yet we somehow want to justify them in
2. The greatest things in life are free- all else is not possessable yet
we try in vain to posses the substance of the universe itself.
3. The substance of the universe glows to us as we let it flow out to
others-Don't save a little for yourself lest the universe hold back in
like measure
4. To keep still, to allow the presence of God to be heard, is hardship
to the talking fool and solace to the wise.
5. To allow wisdom to flow in freely from God's infinite intelligence
is wise. Wisdom is the inflowing of the divine spirit itself.
6. The Physicist called it the ground state of quantum reality. The poet
called it infinite love. They couldn't hear themselves speaking through
the other persons mouth because the veil of illusion and a wall of
language clouded their minds
7. Rename Infinite Intelligence Higher Self and you will be filled with
energy from within as you open the door of Divine Love.
8. When I renamed god the Cosmic Turbobrain my life became
9. When I called God the Master Mind I had an incredibly wise and
powerful master to lead and guide me.
10. The fullfillment of the commandment "thou shalt not take the name of
the Lord thy God in vain" comes through the use of the name of God or
God's essence as the creative power of love in the universe.
11. Take the name of God and use is wisely for it will cause the power
of God to be channeled through you to that which you speak.
12. Infinitely wise and compassionate, this is who, not what, He is
within you.



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