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Dr. Louis Tartaglia is one of America's Premiere Professional Speakers in the fields of Character and Personal Development. Speaking Topics include

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Character is Destiny!

Unlock the power of great vision and tap into the
wellsprings of energy available to great leaders.
Character is Destiny! is not a management course. It is about developing leadership capabilities and becoming more effective.
There is a moral basis to Leadership. Discover what "spiritual congruence" means
to you and the people you lead.
Your personal value system will become your greatest asset and not a liability.
Character is Destiny! will teach the strategies leaders use in order to
know what to do and more importantly how to get things done.
Learn strategies to optimize your effectiveness in dealing with others.
Develop the communication skills that many leaders have.
Character is Destiny! will teach you how to blend compassion and
determination to help lead your organization to success.
Gain an understanding of your leadership style, and its effect on others.
You may a born leader. Character is Destiny! will help you improve
those leadership skills.

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How To Stay Sane In An Insane World!?

How to stay Sane in an Insane World!? is a set of the most sophisticated
mental hygiene techniques on Planet. Originally prepared at the request
of Dr. Tartaglia's friends and fellow speakers, this talk is a private
look at how to stay sane. It is now available to the general public.
If you believe that people where your work or to whom you sell are
contaminating the mental health and well being of the planet, then this
talk is for them. You should probably hear it too, just for staying
where you currrently are.
Your relationships with everyone and everything depends on how much you
are in touch with your basic purpose and values. If your values are out
of wack, your relationships and work could be driving you crazy. Why
did you give them permission to drive your mind?
Louis A. Tartaglia, MD is a board certified psychiatrist and Addiction
Medicine specialist. You may need his help!
Are your clients driving you to the brink? Do you want to know what to
do about them? Is you boss so difficult he could make a politician tell the truth? Learn the secret of dealing with people who think that they are
powerful. When you are Sane, you are the greatest gift that you can be to society. Let "Dr .T" help you figure out what that means. Gain a clearer understanding of why some things in life just didn't seem to work before. You will waste less time and energy on fruitless endeavors and toxic people. If you wish life were more fun, then this is for you.
Stay sane, do it now!

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Flawless! Character

Kenote and seminar on Flawless!
The outcome of all education and training should be character.

The Proven Program for Coping with Difficult People -- Especially Yourself
Flawless! Character takes a serious look at the ten most common
character flaws and how they impact your group.
Character Flaws are every business and association's greatest liability.
By focusing on character you will have an profound effect on you
efficiency, effectiveness and your bottom line.
If you believe that character is an issue where you work or provide
service, then this program is for you. No other issue has a greater
effect on more areas of your life.
Your relationships with everyone depend upon -- and are affected by --
character flaws.
Louis A. Tartaglia, MD is a board certified psychiatrist and Addiction
Medicine specialist. He is an author of four books His latest book on
character flaws is receiving rave reviews. You will want to hear what he
has to say!
Are your amazed at how little character training and development
actually go on? Do you want to train your personal with information or
develop people who have the ethics and attitude to implement your
Are your managers handicapped by the character of their employees? Learn
the secret of dealing with people who are seriously flawed.
"Character is Destiny," When you change your character you change your
destiny. Let "Dr. T" help you figure out which flaws are the most
productive for you to work on.
Gain a clearer understanding of why some flaws are used, what they mean
and how they relate to other issues. You will waste less time and energy
on fruitless endeavors and toxic people.
Les Brown calls Flawless! "The best self help book of the decade!"

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High Performance Groups

Developing High Performance Teamwork is crucial. Today's organizations
have greater demands on productivity than ever before. Yet most of us
have experienced teams that have functioned at much higher levels. This
program take an in depth look at how these special teams function.
Is your corporate climate changing? Is your industry going through a
major adjustment. Will your people be able to make the migration
efficiently and effectively.
If you believe that people where your work need to operate more
effectively together, then this program is for you. Often companies go
through periods that can best be characterized as a migration. High
performance Teamwork become essential for corporate survival.
Why do some teams function as simple groups collaborating together and
others develop a level of synergy that is defined as High Performance
Teamwork? Learn simple strategies for developing synergy in your teams.

This program is based on Dr. Tartaglia's parable The Great Wing. It is
a fable about a flock of Canadian geese who make their migration to a
new home.
The book, in its third printing, has more than 100,000 copies worldwide.
It has been translated into Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, and French.
Mother Teresa of Calcutta even recommended it's publication to Rizzoli, a major
European publishing house. The Great Wing is being used by sales forces
and management teams as an allegory for how high performance teams
Dr. Tartaglia will customize a program for you. He will also work with
you to develop specific processes that will help your people become more
Louis A. Tartaglia, MD is an author, a board certified psychiatrist and
an Addiction Medicine specialist. He has another book due out late fall
called Flawless! -- Your top ten character flaws and what to do about

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Character, Integrity and Heart to Heart Businesss

This program is an integration of principles found in Dr. Tartaglia's entertaining book FLAWLESS! and Heart to Heart.  It is a beautiful interweaving of ideas that enhance character and cement long term relationships.

Dr. Tartaglia's presentation is delightfully entertaining and yet profound.  His presentations, though humorous, are filled with important concepts and a high level of information.  He will customize his presentation to tightly fit your industry or organization.