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(Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory)

The SASSI-3 is a psychological assessment tool designed to screen individuals for the presence of a substance abuse disorder &mdash a disorder stemming from the abuse of or dependence on alcohol and/or one or more other substances. The SASSI-3, developed by Glenn Miller, Ph.D., President of the SASSI Institute in Bloomington, Indiana, is nationally recognized as the #1 screening instrument for the identification of such problems. It is currently being used by hundreds of organizations including addiction treatment centers, criminal justice programs, hospitals, schools, corporations and EAP’s.

The SASSI-3 is a short, but highly accurate questionnaire that screens effectively even when a person consciously or unconsciously attempts to conceal the existence of a problem involving drugs and/or alcohol. The accuracy of the test has been found to be unaffected by gender, ethnicity, occupational status, marital status, age and years of education. The SASSI-3, available in Adult and Adolescent versions is the only test with this unique set of screening capabilities and credentials.


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