1. The wise man adds up all the positive from the past and moves forward
with energy enthusiasm and love. The fool adds all the negatives and
stagnates in a state of fear and weakness
2. Looking inward to change the present state of mind creates a changed
future outer enviornment. Sad is the person who looks to the past to
change that state of mind and wishes his present outer situation was
different. Sadder still is that man's future.
3. Dreams without action are poison to the soul.
4. Dreams and action are the food of life. They are the inflowing of
love itself which creates the experience of perfect faith.
5. How sad the being is who compares the person he is to the person he
could have been. Sadder yet is the couple who sees who they could have
been and does nothing about it but lament.
6. To avoid change one will stay in a painful situation and reject
logic. Keeping in touch with doubt, and fear- All things are changing
all the time except this truth which never changes.
7. Why did the old monks put themselves away without any means of
contact with the external negative enviornment? The same reason a car
turns into a university on wheels via casettes.
8. Where the mind dwells that is where he`ll find his external
enviornment being created.
9. When Life hands you feces; Getting excited about the increase in
fertilizer is using PMA; Getting excited about the smell is NMA.
10. To find the mother load in a gold mind, we sometimes have to analyse
our fault lines to discover where the core of gold is.



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