1. The great moral struggle is not deciding between Right and Wrong but
between conflicting loyalties. Right and wrong can be seen by the child
and not even the wisest of adults can decide between loyalties without a
great struggle.
2. An excuse is a lie wrapped in truth. Look to meaning and
understanding to unwrap the essence of a man's words.3. Wrap a lie in some truth, believe in that truth, and you've made an
4. Some people hear what they want to hear. Others hear what they think
they have heard. God in his infinite wisdom simple hears what is said.
5. The pursuit of Wisdom is the entry into the flow of Divine Knowledge.
6. I looked the world over for beauty - until I found it within me I saw
it not in anything else.
7. Wisdom is the crown jewel of a life well lived. It can be possessed
and given away at the same time, therefore enhancing its own value.
8.Wisdom is a lady whose lips are sweet even when they look bitter. She
can console you when your life is an endless struggle and restore your
9. Wisdom is a great dame who's arms can wrap you in celestial bliss and
together you can create a divine child, the idea.
10. Lady wisdom is not fickle but enduring and absolutely fair. She
violates no laws but lets you see that you can fulfill the cosmic law.
11. Grab life by the leg and bite it. Then hang on and ride baby ride.
12. Wisdom is knowing how to listen to truth.
13. Wisdom is knowing who is really speaking and how to listen



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